Campari, Carpano and Bourbon

What’s that ole saying… “Strange bedfellows make great neighbors?” Well, in this case, it was never more truer… As many of you know, I’ve been smashing the heck out of Negroni’s lately, because I just recently found out I can get Carpano Antica in MI (rejoice). But, I ran out of gin the other morning, and was like, FMA, let’s go for it dude, let’s just P the fucking T. And so I did. And so it went. And jebus said to the angels, “let’s get crunk, my freaks.” And they did.  And it was good.  Friggin’ real good.

FMA Cocktail (tentative title)
2 oz. Bourbon
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. Carpano Antica

Build over a large chunk of ice, garnish with a large peel of lemon and orange.

Okay, let’s talk bourbon for a minute. Since there’s only 2 oz. in there, I like it strong. I was rocking the 107 Old Weller, but a 101 Wild Turkey or even a 101 Grandad would be suitable. Campari, duh. But Carpano – and don’t fuck me on this one – is important. If you wanted to use Punt E Mes, that would be okay, and if you had to use Vya, I could live with it… I mean, I wouldn’t be stoked about it, but I’d forgive and forget. Just don’t use Cinzano, or any crappy vermouth in this. Or in general. As a matter of fact, I forbid you from drinking cheap vermouth. Deal with that – it just happened. No go forth, and crunkify.


3 Responses to “Campari, Carpano and Bourbon”

  1. Great drink, I tried it this evening but had two major problems. 1 – no large ice. I opted to stir and strain. Still delicious, however the second problem was that I used my Old Rip Van Winkle 107 on this. Delicious bourbon, and unfortunately pretty rare these days, but I wanted to see how it played. It really needed the ice. Van Winkle 107 is quite sweet and just bearing down on the syrupy, so along with the Campari it made the whole drink a little syrupy. If there was the large piece of ice, I think the balance would be right on. Great stuff though – I am hooked on the Carpano and this now combines many of my favorite things: Carpano, high proof bourbon, and CAMPARI. Many thanks.

    • CaptainMcBoozy Says:

      Yeah, the syrup factor is high on this one… I found the ice block essential. I’ve been using tupperware to make large ice blocks, which I just chip with a knife to get a usable chunk.

      Never had that Van Winkle, but they do sell it here, so it’s been added to the list. Thanks for the tip!

  2. […] at the whiskey.  Captain McBoozy dropped a comment on my intro post for the week pointing back to a drink he had come up with.  Turns out his recipe is a Boulevardier with a bit more bourbon.  In […]

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